The therapy and training program at A Friend"s House (AFH) takes a minimum of 12 months to complete. Women receive therapy and training to help them address the underlying issues that led to their destructive life choices.

Our goal is for each young woman to graduate from AFH with the skills to live healthy, independent lives. Successfully completing the program requires daily hard work in group sessions, one-on-one meetings with advocates and therapy sessions with our clinical psychologist.

A Friend"s House works to encourage personal responsibility for attitudes and behaviors. Progress through the program depends on the individual and the initiative she takes in her success. Our main goal is to provide help for women and give them a safe place for a fresh start.

Core Curriculum

A Friend"s House offers therapy and training on developing healthy relationships, managing emotions, handling anger, identifying lies we tell ourselves and exploring worldviews. Residents attend several therapeutic groups each day, and meet with a licensed psychologist regularly.

Each woman must successfully progress through four stages before graduating. Women work through the core curriculum, and additional independent study topics based upon a woman’s individual needs. The length of time within each stage is individualized based on her effort to meet the goals and expectations of her current stage. However, some stages have specific time limitations.

Life Skills

A Friend"s House realizes that many of the women who participate in our therapy program lack basic life skills. Our goal is to equip them not only with the social skills, but with the professional and life skills needed to live healthy lives.

All aspects of healthy living are addressed on a daily basis. Each young woman participates in common home-management tasks including laundry, cleaning, and cooking. We also offer instruction in basic nutrition, budget and financing, career counseling, and fitness. For our pregnant residents, we offer prenatal support with information about adoption programs and parenting skills.