Sarah is a fun-loving young lady with a great sense of humor. But reading through the bio she wrote for her intake application and talking with her today might give you the impression that we are talking about two different women. In her bio, Sarah painted a vivid picture of what life was like for... Read more
Student, Originally from Texas
The transition from the valedictorian of her high school class to a young woman in distress happened very quickly for Lacey. On the outside she looked like a motivated, well-adjusted young lady with a promising future. But inside her thoughts and feelings spiraled out of control. She sought help... Read more
Bluffton, Undergrad Student
As a child Melissa liked dolls, playing with her brothers and taking nature hikes with her dad. Her dad did all the things a typical dad did, like reading books to her, taking her to the library and drawing with her. He spent quality time with her. But her dad had two sides: good dad and bad dad. “... Read more
On the outside, Emily appeared to be a positive, bubbly young woman. She is very bright, and people enjoyed being around her. But inside, Emily was full of turmoil; turmoil she desperately tried to escape. “I started binge eating and purging when I was 10. I started smoking, drinking, and abusing... Read more
Mary was the youngest of four girls raised in a Christian home, but home was lacking in many areas. Her mom struggled with severe depression and debilitating obesity and her dad was an alcoholic through most of her youth. Although her mom was nurturing, her needs often overrode the needs in the... Read more

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