Only healthy nails can be beautiful. The usual care of the hands and especially of the nails is the first step to achieve good health. Keep them hydrated and avoid putting them in direct contact with harmful chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or detergent are golden rules. Apply moisturizing or nourishing cream frequently, especially after washing hands improves the natural protection of the skin against dryness, spots, wrinkles, and cracks.

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Nail Care Tips You Need to Know

To complete this action, it is necessary to influence the area of the nails by spreading the cream through gentle massages. Nails also benefit from the active components of cosmetics, while protecting and softening the cuticle (edge of skin that frames the nail.

Basic Manicure Procedure

Many styles, shapes, and colors can enhance your nails, but the basic manicure precedes any type of manicure. Also in the hand care prevails this manicure, changing the products according to the needs of each person (anti-aging effect, chocolate treatment, stain)

The most important thing, whether you choose to do it at home or to go to an aesthetic center, is to take the necessary time. You should stop the routine and dedicate to the cleanliness and beauty of your hands. The best manicure near me needs 35 or 40 minutes. During this time, the specialists demonstrate a specific protocol consisting of the following steps:

Prepare hands and nails

The first thing is to disinfect the hands with an antiseptic gel and remove the cuticle if it is worn. It is essential to perform a careful cleaning before starting the manicure, and for that, you apply the gel on the outer edge of the nails and palms and the back of the hands. These products, in many cases, do not require water because they are prepared to dry disinfect. As part of this cleaning process, the cuticle is removed. You must ensure that the nails are free of hardeners, gloss or any type of glaze.

Although all the steps are essential, filing is one of the best looks, especially if the nails are long. It"s time to create the style; the length and the form are the two factors that intervene. The professionals usually file the nails to the client"s liking. The length usually has it clear, but many women doubt about the form. In this case, you can take into account several criteria such as fashion, type of hands and fingers.

There are three primary forms: almond, oval and block. If the hands and fingers are small, it is better to file the nails almond-shaped, if the fingers are short, form a block with the sharp corner. If on the contrary, you have large hands and long fingers, choose the square one. The cuticle orients on the natural way in which the nails should be filed. The cuticles are also oval, almond or square. Take note of the shape of your nails and file them as naturally as possible.

First of all, it must be remembered that the best way to file the nails is in a single direction and smoothly so as not to break them.

Work the cuticles

The cuticle is the continuation of the skin of the fingers. Its function is to protect the birth of the nail from possible infections. To treat it, it is necessary that they are soft and this is achieved by putting your hands in a container with hot water. After a few minutes, the cuticles are removed and dried. Next, the cuticle is pushed back and cut with a cuticle cutter if necessary. Cuticles are only cut if they are too long and thick, otherwise polishing is enough. If it is decided to eliminate them, you should know that it is not advisable to cut them in excess to avoid damaging them and forming stepparents. Finally, put a drop of oil on each nail to moisturize the area that you have just polished or cut. 

Exfoliate and hydrate

To remove dead skin cells and moisturize hands and nails, a peel is performed. The product is spread over the back and palm, reaching the fingers through gentle circular massages. After a few minutes, they wipe and apply some moisturizing product on hands and nails.

More Tips For your Nails

The food is one of the critical factors in the health of nails. These vitamins are found in meat, fish, legumes and brewer"s yeast, among others.

Dedicate one day a week or every two weeks to take care and fix your nails, in depth, but do not forget to moisturize them daily.

The nails suffer continuously from contact with water, so try to apply the cream after washing your hands. The hand creams are quickly absorbed by the skin, and if you want them to have any effect on the nails, you must emphasize applying a little in each of them.

More useful than hand creams, you can find on the market oils such as almonds, aloe vera or roses that nourish the nails in depth. Apply a drop in each of them and massage in a circular way. It is advised to use the oils daily, in the morning and at night so that the hydration is continuous.

To define the length of the nail, you can also use nail clippers or scissors. This is done also by nail places near meEverything depends on the length you have at that time. Cut the nails smoothly to avoid damage. Having your nails painted and trimmed is the best way to worry about taking care of them. For the coating to last longer, it is possible to apply every day by incising on the tip of the nail.

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