A Friend's House

We're so proud of every woman who has passed through our doors.
We're so grateful for each donor that invested in this ministry..
We're so humbled by the dozens of volunteers who devoted themselves to AFH..

We're so amazed by the staff members and board members who, from the beginning, have shown remarkable commitment, professionalism, compassion and love as they have poured their hearts into service at AFH.

As our journey draws to an end, whatever role you have played, we are thankful for you.

AFH 10 years - Pam & Kelly

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What's New at A Friend's House

After much deliberation and prayer, AFH will be bringing its ministry to a close. We share this letter that was sent to many of our donors and friends. We tried to include everyone who has invested in our work, but please accept our... Read more

Help and Therapy for Women

A Friend's House offers women training on developing healthy relationships, managing emotions, handling anger, identifying lies we tell ourselves and exploring worldviews. Residents attend several therapeutic groups each day, and meet with a licensed therapist once a week. Read more

Every day through the week residents stay busy participating in 3-4 group sessions, exercising, meeting with their advocate, eating healthy meals, working on assignments and completing work details. Read more

A Friend's House realizes that many of the women who enter our doors lack basic life skills. Our goal is to equip them not only with the social skills, but with the professional and life skills needed to live healthy lives. Read more